Newbie rides again!!!

Good day to one and all!!

It has been some since I’ve posted on here. In Janurary this year, Mrs Newbie gave birth completely unexpectedly to a baby boy, Newbie Jr. So it’s taken me this long to find the time (and energy) to be able to write a piece. So here goes, but be prepared for something different!

Everyone who reads this and has kids, has heard of the tv programme Fireman Sam. Well thanks to a hair-raising scheme, this story is based around it.

Wealthy Welsh businessman Norman Price has always loved his hometown of Pontypandy. He’s always had a love of football too. As he grew older, he decided to do something about it as Pontypandy doesn’t have it’s own football team. The nearest one is actually Newtown, at least five miles away.

As soon as Norman earnt enough money, he decided to buy Newtown AFC. It wasn’t a long negotiation, as Norman wound up paying £700k for the club. It actually cost him more to go to the Welsh FA and relocate the club to Pontypandy amid uproar from the supporters. The club had been in Newtown since its conception, all the way back in 1875. Sadly the one thing Norman couldn’t change was the Newtown badge, which still grates him to this day.

The past five seasons hadn’t been the most successful for Newtown. They’d finished 5th, 6th, 5th, 9th and 12th in previous years. Norman had a meeting with the players and staff to find out what had happened and what they could change. But in true Norman style, all the players and staff walked out of the meeting having been sacked because Norman hadn’t liked the answers they’d given…

So Norman needed a hero. And who did he turn to? The man who had rescued him over sixty times in his childhood: Sammuel Peyton-Jones…. Wait, sorry Fireman Sam!!!

So the club has no players and only one member of staff in the manager Fireman Sam. How will he fare? Will he lead Pontypandy FC to league and cup glory? Or will he crash and burn like Norman used to in his younger days storming around the small coastal town? Find out next time!!


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