Come on The Fleet!

Welcome back to yet another save update by The FM Newbie. It has been a while since my last update and a lot has happened since then. My last post was about a save with Aston Villa, but to be honest, I haven’t touched the save since then. The last gasp winner against Barnsley really knocked the passion out of the save for me. What followed was two saves with PSG and Bayern which were going quite well until teams decided to park the bus against us and I wasn’t tactically adept to be able to break them down. So both saves died a death because of my ailing ability as a football manager. So to Twitter it was…

Four or five interesting suggestions for saves came in, but there was one that really stood out to me….

Ebbsfleet United_  Profile

Ebbsfleet was recommended to me as club with a decent squad and decent budget for the division they’re in. So it intrigued me. I intended to do a test save to do research and the like. In the end I’ve just carried it on.


Ebbsfleet United_ Squad Depth Overview

Here is the curent squad that you start with. I was overjoyed to see a minor hero of mine, Danny Kedwell, within the 1st team squad. Being a closet AFC Wimbledon fan, Kedwell was the one that scored the winning penalty that sent Wimbledon into the football league for the very first time. So like I said, a minor hero. I have saved screenshots of all the players in the original squad, so please ask if you want to see anyone.


Ebbsfleet United_ Overview All

As you can see, the staffing department is a little bit thin at the moment. We have no scouts and previously no Head Physio, but I took the screenshot after signing a new head physio. I had a physio who was offered a job by Sunderland. However in one of those irritating glitches, I had no chance to offer him a counter offer before he scarpered off. I know it was unlikely I would convince him to stay, but I would like to have been offered a chance.


Ebbsfleet United_ Overview Overview

The current wage budget and transfer budget. I’m hoping to keep the majority of the transfer budget as I know if we do go up, then we’ll need strengthening in all areas in a bigger division. Staffing will be a bit tight for now, but we can work on a shoe-string.


Ebbsfleet United_  Overview

This is the formation that I’m hoping to go into the season with. There are very few team instructions to start with, but I’m starting to become more of a reactive manager and reacting to situations. But the starting situation is that the left winger is on attack with the ball winning midfielder there to cover the space left behind. Both full backs are on defend to sustain some stability within a 4-4-2. There will be some more tweaking as the season goes on and hopefully using a 4-4-2 will be the best policy. The other two formations have been loaded, but no instructions have been added yet.


Ebbsfleet United_  Transfer History

It might look excessive. But strength in depth is something that was severely needed. A couple of players are youth prospects, but majority of them are backups or better first team players. Such as Filip Lăzăreanu, who is a much better goalkeeper, one much better than my current two goalkeepers. I’m hoping to add one more player, a centre-back from Barnet who would make an excellent replacement for a first teamer.

I have played the first league game of the season, at home to Dartford. We started really well with our 4-4-2, creating a few chances and having a few near misses. But then bloody Dartford had a shot hit the post and rebound to the one Dartford player in the box. 1-fucking nil. With that we seemed to lose our confidence. We were crap until half time. We changed things around and went to the 4-2-3-1. Thankfully our captain Stuart Lewis drilled in a shot from the edge of the box to make it 1-1. And that’s how it stayed. Work still to be done.

Well thank you for joining me on this opening blog post. I’ll either give an update around Christmas time or at the end of the season, depending how things are going. Thank you to @JoshofGaming for suggesting Ebbsfleet. Also thanks to @DMendoza1969, @samjohnston39 and @marcbowen17 for their suggestions ofother saves. Remember you can find me @TheFmNewbie on Twitter and at The FM Newbie on Facebook. Please follow me on Twitter and retweets are hugely appreciated. See you in the winter season!


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