Alphabet Challenge

If you’re familiar with my work, you’ll know how I tend to write on my blog. However for this challenge, I’m going to change it. I hope you enjoy it.


As a fresh face 25 year old, I’d just finished my coaching badges. It was now just a matter of time before I get a job….


Yeah I may have made a mistake….


Holy crap what have I done?? I have a wife and kid to support!!! What the hell am I going to do???


Yay! A job!! And a fairly big one at that. Red Bull Salzburg have sacked their manager Oscar Garcia for being 3rd in the table. Maybe I’m missing something? Anyway, they have a half decent squad. In my first official meeting with the Chairman, Christian Schneider, he asked me which staff members where going. It meant I had to sack people. Shit, am I really cut out for this?


Sadly two members of the coaching staff had to go. Gerhard Struber and René Aufhauser lost their jobs. Poor Gerhard cried when I told him. I cried too. It’s getting weird now…

Anyway today was the first day I really assessed the squad. Or what was left of it. It seemed that all my half decent players were crippled! Keita, Lazaro, Berisha and Lainer were all on the treatment table with medium to long term injuries. Head physio Helmut Klampfer did tell me what they had, but I wasn’t really paying attention. I was banging my head against the table….

Meanwhile my assistant manager Richard Kitzbichler, chief scout Manfred Linzmaier and head of the youth department Ernst Tanner came into my office. It’s when the guys sit down that I realise I have a problem. I can speak Italian, Spanish and French fluently. But the moment Ernst says ‘Guten Tag’ and I realise I can’t speak a bloody word of German. Thank god for Manfred as he speaks a decent amount of English and we get by the meeting. But I immediantly feel that this is going to be a long hard road to success.


Game day. We face SV Mattersburg. in the league today as we are 4 points off 2nd. Through a lack of options, we are going to play a Strikerless formation. Its Guido’s Four Horseman tactic. I did made a few adjustments and told the wide boys to stay on touchline instead of cutting in when they had the ball. My first line-up in a game was Walke, Schmitz, Miranda, Luca Meisl, Ulmer, Pehlivan, Yabo, Reyna, Hany Mukhtar, Oberlin and Minamino. Luca Meisl had to be called up from our youth team because we had one centre-back registered in the squad. One fucking centre-back!!! What is wrong with this club?

So the match started. And immediantly I was worried. We were crap. It was only after half time that things got better. Eventually Yabo curled in a free-kick and Yordy Reyna nodded it into an almost empty net. I punched the air and Richard grabbed me in a mini bear hug. Richard loves this club bless him. To bad he’s going to get the sack at the end of the season. Anyhoo, Mukhtar added a second late on thanks to a stunning cross from Schmitz. And I mean absolutely stunning. Took four players out of the picture. And I feel like I’m off to a really good start. And Richard has taught me one german word: Scheiße. Apparently it means good. Looks like I’ll be using that one during the week in training.

Well this is where I leave you for now. You can find me on Twitter @TheFmNewbie. There is also a Facebook page of the same name. If you guys have any questions about what I’m writing or if you want me to do something in the future, then let me know. Thanks for reading guys #wearethecommunity #FM16


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