The Auckland Youth

Welcome back to TheFmNewbie, working down under in New Zealand!

As promised last time, this episode is mainly about the youth prospects in my team at Auckland. I have signed many youth prospects from many different nationalities in the hope that quite a few of them will become top class first team players. If anyone would like some more information about these players then feel free to ask.

Miroslav Karadzole_ Overview Profile

Some of you will know Miroslav Karadzole from previous editions. He came through the youth academy at Hawkes Bay but was quickly snapped up by me at Auckland. When I took the job at Guangzhou, I signed him but loaned him back to Auckland for two seasons. Now my successor has returned the favour by loaning him back for 5 months. Karadzole has been amazing so far on this save. His stats dont say he does a lot and he doesnt seem to do a lot in the match engine. But he always pulls out solid 7.5/8s. So he obviously adds something!

Eduardo_ Overview Profile

At Guangzhou, I managed to pick up a young Brazillian called Edurado. He was 18 at the time, so I loaned him back to the club he started at. Now having made 8 appearances for Guangzhou, I finally get the chance to see if he’s any good for myself. My assistant says his best position is attacking midfielder, however I believe his best position is out on the left, thank to his pace attribute. Only time will tell.

Ather El Tahir_ Overview Profile

Ather El Tahir was someone I found on the contract expiry list. He was without a club which really did surprise me. Throughout this save, I’ve really lacked someone who is adept at free-kicks. And for the New Zealand league, thats hardly surprising. And it’s another nationality ticked off. And Sudan is nation I’ve never had on FM, so I’m quite pleased.

Cavid Seyidov_ Overview Profile

Out of all the youth players I’ve signed, this is the guy I’m most looking forward to seeing. For a 19 year old to walk straight into my first team is staggering. And to have the stats he has at the age of 19 is really impressive. Yes, he is apparently nutty as a fruitcake, but his goalkeeping/technical stats are quite impressive. He’s 6 foot 3 and has a jumping reach of 15, so he must reach about 8 foot when he jumps. And I crossed off another nationality with a Georgian! I’m so looking forward to seeing him!

Érik Servín_ Overview Profile

To be honest, I don’t know much about Erik Servin. He was someone my Head of Youth Devlopment signed so I gave him the benefit of the doubt and let him to sign Servin. He can play down both wings and is quick. At the moment, that’s all I can tell about him. I’ve got him training as winger down the right hand side, so we’ll see how he develops.

Gleison_ Overview Profile

Gleison is someone that I’ve been tracking for some time. He had been playing for Al-Wahda(UAE). However when I first found him, he was earning over 12 and a half thousand pounds a week. Which is miles out of my wage budget. But they never extended his contract and he became a free agent. Initially I signed him as a trialist, to make sure he was as good as I thought. When I saw he was, I tentativly offered him a permanent contract. To my astonishment, he was only asking for 3k a week. Being cheeky, I busted him down to two and a half grand and bobs your uncle, he was an Auckland player.

Hiva Tahitua_ Overview Profile

Hiva Tahitua isn’t one that has signed this summer. Tahitua signed a few seasons ago and progressed really quickly. I was really confused when I first came back to Auckland. When I signed him, he was from Tahti. Also helped that I signed him from a Tahtian club. But when I returned, he was from New Zealand. And now instead of having Tahti as an additional nationality, he has Tonga. When did that happen? Anyway, Tahitua is a versatily player who plays best as a false 9. He’s developing as a technical player and his semi-regular appearances have helped his development.

Jake Wilson_ Overview Profile

Jake Wilson is another one that I signed in my first spell at Auckland. And it was the last season that he really exploded into the first team. Mainly off the bench, but his passing range and impact he provided made his impact bigger. When he scored in the Ocean Champions League semi-final, I was more pleased for him than I had been for most other players. That may change with some of the players I’ve brought in but we’ll see.

Li Hong_ Overview Profile

When I first signed Li Hong, I was excited by his potenial. However, he’s yet to hit that huge potenial. Part of it has been finding his best position, as he didn’t excel in any of his three natural positions. I think he will eventually become a good left winger. Eventually…

Martin Butterworth_ Overview Profile

Martin Butterworth was someone I signed right the start of my second reign. Looking back, I’m wondering why I did, especially when you see the next prospect.I’m hoping that he will develop hugely and quickly. If he doesn’t, he may well be finding a new club.

Richard Hermoza_ Overview Profile

This is the prospect that I mentioned with Butterworth. Richard Hermoza is an insane signing. He’s 18 and still has a long way to progress. He has decent heading, marking, tackling, concentration and pace (which is good as we play a high line). Sadly he has a dislocated shoulder which means his season will start late. But Hermoza will still develop well and become a quality player.

Thierry Koné_ Overview Profile

The final prospect for this season. Thierry Kone was the last player I signed as a prospect. I wasn’t expecting it, but it looks like Kone is going to walk straight into the first team. It may sadly spell the end for players like Newton, Payne and Hudson Wihongi, but it is all about the progression of Auckland. The influx of foreign players is becoming alarming and it may take some time for them all to settle, but the quality of the players we’re bringing in will keep us competitive. Kone is one of those players who will drive the team forward and get us out of sticky situations and one with real quality.

Well that marks the end of this episode about youth prospects. I’m sorry if you feel I’ve rambled on a bit. Please give me some feedback about it. You can find me on Twitter @TheFmNewbie and Facebook at The FM Newbie. Always please retweet on Twitter and remember the hashtag #wearethecommunity. Thanks for reading as always!


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