Something a bit different


As you may have seen so far, I’ve been solely concentrating on my FM 2015, Man Utd save. However this time, I’ve done something a bit different. And it’s frustrating the hell out of me.

Crewe Alexandra

Yes, I’ve started a career with Crewe. I decided that Crewe would be the perfect place to continue my policy of developing youth due to their high class youth academy. So for the purpose of this save, we will be once again only be signing players under the age 18. Although this may have to be flexible if we rise up the leagues. I haven’t downloaded any transfer updates, however I have included England Level 23 (@passion4fm) and also a Scotland Highland Leagues database and the Welsh amateur leagues in this save. This was purely with the intention of finding gems in the non-league clubs in and around these nations.


Much as Crewe bring through some quality players from their academy, we still have to remember that we are asking 17, 18 & 19 year old players to play against sides full of players who are full of experience and those who will be looking to indimitate our players. Much as this sounds cynical, it is the truth. This is why it is causing me immense frustration. I can see in the stats and some of the performances that we are good enough to be winning most games. However when it gets into the match situation, other teams just seem to over-power us. What this will do is give me an insight into certain players should I manage in other clubs this year. My big worry is that having signeda good deal of great youth player from England, Northern Ireland and Norway, is that they will all want to leave and the save will almost be dead…


Harry Davis_ Overview Profile

As always, we’ll start with the captain. Harry Davis is a good solid player at this level, and does have potenial to improve in the future. My worry is about him is that he isn’t captain material, however being one of the oldest in this squad has almost seen the captaincy being thrust upon him as a senior player. Fortunately, he has plenty of time to improve, so hopefully he will grow into the role.

David Fox_ Overview Profile

David Fox is our vice-captain and basically our midfield general. He takes the majority of our set pieces and is the water-carrier in our medfield, the man who just gets the ball and shifts it on its way.

Ben Garratt_ Overview Profile

Those of you familiar with FM this year will already have heard of Ben Garratt. If you’re at a bigger club, you can snap Garratt up for about £800k to £1mil and you would have yourself a decent backup keeper. When you manage Crewe though, it seems almost impossible to shift him on for his value. Which is a shame because £1mil would have come in very handy!!

Jack Dunn_ Overview Profile

To add to the youthfulness of the squad, we was able to bring in Jack Dunn on loan from Liverpool. We also managed to sign Ambrose on loan from Man City, however he got injured quite soon after arriving. So it meant Dunn was pushed into the limelight a bit earlier than was expected. However he then managed to get injured at the end of his first game which has disrupted his start to the season.

Ryan Colclough_ Overview Profile

Colclough is another player who has been familiar to FM players for many years. Now creeping into his 20s, Colclough is still struggling to improve. He should still improve, but I’m worried that he still won’t improve enough to take me up the leagues as part of a team.

George Cooper_ Overview Profile

My last player is George Cooper. He is currently rated as the best prospect within Crewe at this present time. A host of Premier League clubs have been sniffing around him including the likes of Aston Villa, Sunderland and West Brom. Watford showed the most serious interest in him, but refused to meet the £2mil price (yes, he is worth that much to me). So at the minutes, I’m using Cooper regularly as we try and settle on a formation.


We played our first league game against Gillingham and lost two nil. We probably didn’t deserve that as we matched them for most the game but the scoreboard doesn’t lie. In the Capital One Cup First round, we lost to Bradford 3-0. We were crap and deserved nothing. But then Burton came to visit us. And we won 2-0 with goals from Cooper and King. We went into the game using @MerryGuido and Strikerless’ 4-4-2-0 formation. Are we on to something? Only time will tell…


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