August 2025


Back at Manchester United, we played 5 games, two cup games and three league games. And in the process secured two different cups, scored 16 goals and conceeded none. It was an impressive month and this was the story of it.

Manchester City 0 – 2 Manchester United Community Shield Attendance 118,950

In a match where they had 27 shots on goal, had 5 clear cut chances and scored just twice, Declan Willibye lifted the Community Shield as Man Utd captain for the seventh time. It came after a game that Man Utd dominated against Man City. After a summer in which City spent almost £100 million on three players, they were hoping that would final get one over their inter-city rivals. However Man Utd, whose first 11 cost just under £5million, showed them that it was quality that counted, not quantity. And it was a moment of quality that put Man Utd in front. Triantafyllidis took a corner from the left hand side short to Willibye, who passed the ball to Aaron Nugent on the edge of the box. Nugent took a touch before placing it in the corner of the net past Craig Donnelly. Half chances came and went until the stroke of half time. It was Graham Brock this time with the corner from the right hand side, straight to Nugent on the edge of the box again. This time, Nugent’s shot was blocked but fell straight into the path of Jamie Owen, and the centre-back lashed his volley into the back of the net. Some of the zip had gone out the game in the second half, but chances came and went, specifically for Gareth Townsend and Brock. For two players that played so well last season, they were really poor today, both players eventually being hooked by manager Martyn Moody. However it was only a minor concern for the manager, as his club lifted the Community Shield for a record 26th time

Manchester United 2 – 0 Nottingham Forest European Super Cup Final

Coming just three days after the Community Shiel, Martyn Moody had to make changes again. Ben Wynne, Kevin Craig, Dennis Mawson and Maurice Carson all came into the side to provide fresh legs. However it was the fresh legs Man Utd needed, it was a stronger referee. Nottingham Forest may have only conceeded 10 fouls, but there were three nasty injuries, which disrupted Man Utd’s flow. Nugent went off after 24 minutes with strained ankle ligaments. Brock was replaced after an hour with a badly gashed leg. However it was the loss of Willibye just after half time that really disrupted them. Willibye was taken off on a stretcher after sustaining a torn calf muscle, after Gary McCloskey (who had just left Man Utd) stepped on his foot as Willibye tried to run away from him. He was replaced by Brian Smith. It took until the 80th minute for Man Utd to make the breakthrough. Wynne received the ball in the box from a corner. As he held the ball up, Samuel Pons clattered him from behind. Penalty!! Kevin Craig stepped up, and as cool as a cucumber, slotted the ball in the net past Jeronimo Rulli. They alays say that you’re at your most vulnerable when you’ve just conceeded, and so it proved here. Smith received the ball and passed it between the left-back and the centre-back into Townsend’s path. Townsend took a touch and dispatched it towards goal. Rulli got a hand to it, but it still bobbled into the back of the net. And with that Man Utd held out to win the Super Cup for the 9th time.

Manchester United 5 – 0 Watford Premier Divison 17/08/25 Attendance 89,000

The last time Watford played Manchester United, they actually beat them, in last seasons FA Cup quarter final. That day, Martyn Moody had put out an experimental side which backfired spectacually. Today, he was taking no chances, selecting his strongest side available. The injuries to Nugent and Willibye had left a big hole in the midfield, their places going to Tom Field and Karl Carter. And it was Tom Field who really put his case forward as a more permanent starter by scoring twice. Leo Triantafyllidis also scored twice with the substitute David Collins bagging the fifth. All memories of last season’s defeat were banished and Man Utd went straight to the top of the Premier League. But was the form of Townsend and Brock becoming an issue for the manager?

Tottenham 0 – 3 Manchester United Premier Division 23/08/25 Attendance 60,000

Two more changes for Manchester Untied as they took on Tottenham. Aaron Ashton and Rob Tomkins came into the side and both played spendidly. It was Ashton that put United in front with a screamer from 30 yards after just twelve minutes. It was a goal that would later win the Goal of the Month award. After that, something strange happened. Man Utd didn’t dominate and Tottenham created plenty of chances of their own. Shea Lowe, Christian Eriksen and Darren Sturrock all missed good chances for them. However, Martyn Moody got his team in at half time and tore a couple of stripes off them. They came out in the second half looking much more like the side we know they can be. Owen scored his second goal of the season after Collins shot was blocked by the keeper Loris. Then Brock pounced on a mistake in the Tottenham defence and slotted the ball into the path of the substitute Alston and the former Arsenal player made himself even more unpopular by slotting the ball over Loris to seal a comfortable win.

Manchester United 4 – 0 Stoke Premier Division 31/08/25 Attendance 91,500

The form of Gareth Townsend had been a puzzling one for everyone at the club so far this year. A man who had scored 66 goal in all competitions had just one to his name so far this season. However, that all changed against a Stoke side who were looking to go 5th in the table. Townsend missed a couple of chances early on, but after 27 minutes, a cross from Triantafyllidis dropped to Townsend about 12 yards out, and the prolific striker made no mistakes. Everything settled down until just before half time when Carter passed the ball into Townsend feet on the edge of the box. He turned his man and started to bear down on goal. However, the defender had other ideas and brought Townend down. The man with nerves of steel, Tom Field stepped up and stroked the ball into the net. After half time, Tomkins fed the ball into Brock on the left side of the goal. He took a touch and squared the ball to Townsend who was sniffing around for a chance. And Townsend calmly rolled the ball into the back of the net. After 75 minutes, Triantafyllidis picked up the man and started running at his man, Scott McGuigan. Triantafyllidis managed to get past his man, but in desperation, McGuigan made a final lunge at the ball. He only successfully managed to trip Triantafyllidis in the box, conceeding another penalty. There was only one man going to take it. Townsend stepped up, sent Begovic the wrong way, completed his hattrick and completed a successful afternoon for Man Ut


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